BUG: Playlist menu item inaccessible when using Waze on iPhone


BUG: Playlist menu item inaccessible when using Waze on iPhone


There is an issue/bug with the iPhone Spotify app when a persistent application like Waze is running in the background, resulting in no way to access the Playlists menu item in Your Library.


Persistent apps, like various maps apps leave a blue bar across the top of the UI, alerting the user that the app is using the current location. When the user is then looking at the Spotify app, Your Library tab, the aformentioned blue bar pushes the top part of the UI down and covers the first menu item in Your Library: Playlists. The user is unable to tap on Playlists. The user can pull down on the list and see that Playlists is underneath the overlapping UI, but when the pull/drag is released, the list snaps back to the previous position, hiding the Playlists option so the user is unable to tap on it.


Repro: Make sure both Spotify and Waze are force-closed (not save-state). Open Waze and choose a navigation route, and tap Go Now. Tap the iPhone home button. Open Spotify, and tap on Your Library. Notice "Playlists" menu item is not visible.


Note 1: After doing the above repro steps, you can force-close Waze, which removes the blue bar, but in the Spotify app, the "Playlists" menu item will still be hidden at the top of the UI.


Note 2: if Spotify is already running when Waze is opened and navigating (so the blue location bar is active), this bug will not repro. To repro, force close Spotify and re-open, then tap on Your Library.