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Background Noise when connected to car stereo with headphone plug

Background Noise when connected to car stereo with headphone plug



i'm experiencing a terrible background noise whn connecting to my car stereo when using spotify.

When using my very old ipod with the same cable I get perfect sound 😞


I've ugraded all playlists to Extreme, but same result...


Noise soo iratating that I choose to cancel my premium subscribtion, as the main reason for having it was to take my playlists with me in the car


Any tips ?

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Do you get the same background noise when using headphones too?
Airhorn Enthusiast

No, only when connected to the car stereo, wich I find quite odd...

The noise has a constant volume, ergo if you play a tune loud that has constant music with no quite parts you barely notice it.

If it's not happening with headphones then chances are it might not be the device. However, if the same headphone jack works just fine with a iPod, then this is a little more complex then just changing the cable.

What sort of of device are you using Spotify on? How loud do you have the headphone speakers compared to the Stereo?

You might need to try and strike the right balance where tracks are not distorting through the speaker, but you can have it at a volume where this background noise is at a minimum.

I used to run an iPod into a cassette deck using a tape-with-headphone-jack convertor, and it can involve a little bit of playing around to get it at a good level. Although, sometimes you may have to sacrifice clarity over volume, depending on the quality of the speakers.
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