Bad sound quality using Spotify Equalizer 60 Hz and 150 Hz (bass)


Bad sound quality using Spotify Equalizer 60 Hz and 150 Hz (bass)


Hi all,

I recently bought an UE Boom speaker. I'm really happy with it. After a while, I noticed some sound disortion and cracks in the kick and bass while playing certain songs. I tried to reset my speaker and thought there was something wrong with it, until I played the same song (A Milli, Lil Wayne; because of the bass) via Spotify and YouTube over the speaker.

The results really suprised me; the bass quality of YouTube smashed Spotify! Bass depths were never so clear.

I searched for a solution, because I couldn't believe that the sound quality Spotify was worse than YouTube. I found that the Spotify Equalizer is the bad guy. High 60 Hz and 150 Hz frequences make deep bass songs cracky, noisy and disort the sound. I tried to connect with my phone different speakers (other than the UE Boom) and all speakers had the same outcome.

Another suprising fact: A Milli sounds better via YouTube, even when the Spotify Equalizer is turned off.

My question to Spotify: What on Earth is wrong with the Equalizer? I mean come on... Just try it yourselves.

I hope you will fix this problem soon. Please let me know.