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Being charged in wrong currency


Being charged in wrong currency

I have been a Premium subscriber for quite some time now, but just found out on my credit card statement that Spotify has been charging me USD14.90 per month instead of MYR14.90 per month as stated on my account details.

This means Spotify has been charging me more than TRIPLE the amount as stated on my monthly receipts! 



Despite trully enjoying the service, I am considering to cancel my subscription with immediate immediate effect as this is totally unacceptable but obviously I want to claim my overpaid charges back. 


Is there any way to fill in a contact form or is there a contact number to call in Malaysia or overseas to settle this?




An angry customer


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Thanks Tomas, I will try all three!

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Hello. You can contact Spotify support in these places: 

Contact form


Hope it works out! 🙂


I'm not a Spotify employee
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Thanks Tomas, I will try all three!

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