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Big Playlist over 200 songs not shown in Carplay

Big Playlist over 200 songs not shown in Carplay

Big Playlists containing more than 200 Songs are not shown properly in carplay.
Only the first 200 songs are visible, but you can skip to the next song that is inviaible in the playlist looking at it trough carplay.

Please fix this bug, i found the same problem in posts of other users since 2016…
15 Replies

Hey there,


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community.


First off, we'd recommend to check for a pending update on your both your device and the Spotify App. 


Secondly, try performing a clean reinstall of the app on your device as this might be caused by an issue with your device's cache. It'll get you the latest app version with all necessary updates and fixes and will remove any corrupted files from previous installation. 


It's also a good idea reconnect Apple Car Play and set it up with the car again. You can do that by going to Settings > General > CarPlay > [ you'll see your car's name here] > tap on Forget this car. After that, connect the car with Car Play again. 


In case the issue persists, it'd be great if you could tell us the exact make and model of the affected device, its operating system, as well as your Spotify version. Any screenshots (or a quick video) you can provide will also be helpful investigate this further.


Keep us posted,



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Hey, sorry for the late reply!

I tested everything, including uninstalling the app and reinstalling as well as deleting the cars on the iPhone and reconnecting them.

I had the opportunity to test two cars, which behave absolutely identical:


VW Tiguan II (2019) with Discover Pro (Carplay via USB)

VW Golf 8 (2022) with Discover Pro (Carplay via USB or Bluetooth)


Big playlists with over 200 songs are just cut at 200, the rest is not showing up on the cars screen.

On The iPhone (13 Pro) they are visible and everything ist fine. If I start one of the songs that are not visible on the cars infotainment on the phone in can switch to the next song correctly on the car.



I found quiet some cases just like mine on the internet, but no solution whatsoever.


Any Ideas?



Thanks for your help!

Hey @Tomcat824,


Thanks for getting back to us with that info.


We've forwarded it to the relevant team for further review, however we can't confirm when it will be addressed. In the meantime, please make sure to keep your app up-to-date.


Take care,

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Hi, any news on this issue? Problem persists till today.


Hi there, I have the same issue since 2018. Today, I finally was frustrated enough to check online if somebody else recognized this actually huge bug. As a software developer, I can not understand how such a big issue persists for almost 6 years. Please, Spotify, fix this issue. 

Its really frustrating to see nothing happened since years. Even my initial report of this issue is already 1 year old, not to mention the other posts on several forums dated 2016….


I have a new 2023 VW Passat with Discover Pro and carplay via Bluetooth, same problem as reported last december.


Please, fix this asap.

Same issue here in 2023 Audi a3. Also same issue as others with same songs playing in shuffle on playlists too, both issues been going a long long time searching on google. Any idea when this will be fixed? Thanks

Stunning how it hasn’t been solved for years now. Please get this fixed!!

Same problem with 2023 volvo xc40 B3 plus. I can see the liked playlist but not any others. 

Same problem in brand new Volvo XC60, using an android smartphone

Same issue with BMW 5 series and wireless Carplay. Out of a 750 song playlist only first 200 are shown in Carplay

yep exact same problem cant see over 200 songs on carplay, 2020 audi a3

Any update on this being fixed? Thanks

It's reminding me of the bug I opened on the Apple Watch

I hate this company! 






iPhone 15 Pro Max

Operating System

iOS 17 (newest Version)


My Question or Issue

I connect my iPhone through an USB-C Cable to my Car (VW Tiguan II with Discover Pro), and open Spotify.
I noticed that on my big Playlist with over 200 Entries/Songs, i only could see the first 200, no one more.
I could see all Songs on my iPhone and also could Play this over the Cars Speaker, but i didn't see them on my Playlist in my Car Display.

And I was used to my previous phone (an Android) automatically resuming music playback if it was interrupted by traffic reports, for example.
This no longer works with the iOS Spotify app either.

Its a brand new iPhone, and i also have reinstalled the Spotify App on my iPhone and also removed the Car from the "Carplay" Settings in iOS and connected it again.
but unfortunately that didn't change anything.


Could somebody help me here?

Thanks & Kind Regards


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