Blank Screen on iPhone after latest update.

Blank Screen on iPhone after latest update.

For some reason after the latesr update of the Spotify app all I get is a blank screen with the gray header (also blank). It stays like that for about 30 seconds then the app dies. I've re-installed the app three times. I am running the latest stable iOS 6 version.
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Have you tried the steps for changing region format outlined in this bug post? You may need to restart your device for it to work.

Yes, but this did not resolve the issue.

I'm experiencing the same problem. I've reinstalled it 6 times now. I'm going to cancel my subscription if the problem persists - this is ridiculous! I shouldn't be paying a monthly fee for a glitchy app.

I've tried to reset my phone to factory settings - the issue persists. My phone is not jailbroken.


I've installed Spotify for iOS 4 as a temporary solution.

Scratch that last, not even that Spotify version works. I am not really in the mood to pay for something that I can't use.

Hopefully this will be resolved quickly.

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