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Blocking people on iphone

Blocking people on iphone

  • so i really don’t understand why Spotify hasn’t had a block/remove follow feature yet. there’s probably been millions of people cancelling spotify and going to apple just because ty can’t fix this stupid problem. People have been complaining for over a year now come on. me and my boyfriend share his account and this psycho girl we hate is constantly folllowing him and his playlists. this is probably the only app that has no privacy is retarded. FIX THIS ISSUE SPOTIFY. your losing customers and this has been going on for to long without you guys doing shut about it. all i’ve seen is one reply from you guys to someone saying “We definitely think this is a strong idea, however it isn't in our current road map. The teams behind our social features are aware that you're bringing your feedback” ...... if you’ve been reading our feedback and you think it’s a strong idea than hurry up and fix it. isn’t in our road map?.. it can’t be that hard. Sorry but this is just retarded now.
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Hey there!


There isn't a way to block users on Spotify, however you are able to make the playlists you create 'Secret'.


When you create a playlist, mark is as 'Make Secret' so that only you are able to see this. This will hopefully help keep your songs private to you!


Let me know if this helps.





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