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Bluetooth connection or exiting the app freezes music playback


Bluetooth connection or exiting the app freezes music playback






iPhone 6

Operating System

iOS 12.1.3


My Issue

Whenever I connect to a Bluetooth device (either headphones or car stereo, typically), the app freezes playback and I have to restart it, which takes about a minute each time. When the app is in this state I can navigate it just fine, but when I press the play button nothing happens. I don't believe this happens when playing music through just my phone speakers. It sometimes happens when connecting to my Apple TV, but only occasionally and I don't use that as much. This issue only started happening recently (past month or so) and it's absolutely ridiculous since I use Bluetooth headphones/speakers almost exclusively. Has anyone found a fix or is this a known bug being worked on?


Edit: The freeze issue has also happened if I'm playing music and then I exit the app and play something else with audio (such as a short Youtube video on Reddit). My Spotify music won't resume like it used to in previous versions and the app freezes, so I have to restart the app. Essentially, if Spotify isn't the only app I use all day, then it freezes. I tried deleting the app, redownloading it, and restarting my phone, none of which have worked. I downloaded v8.4.91 that lordlamer said works better, so I'll try that out and update this post in a few days or so with my results.


Edit 2 (Feb 26, 2019): Per the solution I accepted below, after updating the app I've definitely had less issues with the restart problem. It's still not perfect, but it's been noticeably better.


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with Version 8.4.91 is works really better for me today.


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me and my wife have exactly the same problems with our iphone 7 and iphone 6s plus.

Very anoying these days to use spotify with bluetooth.

Hope this will be fixed shortly.

Same issue here.  iPhone 7 with latest OS updates.  Just started recently, and VERY annoying.  If I pause playing via Bluetooth, eg, while driving, Spotify WILL NOT resume playing without being force closed and restarted.  Thats an unsafe thing to focus on while driving.  I've uninstalled, cleared the cache, rebooted, etc. to no avail.

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with Version 8.4.91 is works really better for me today.


I have same problem recently, Spotify is being frozen when I pause song from my Bluetooth headphone in iPhone6 or while opening navigator in car or turn off car I am losing Spotify. I have similar problem in Mac application too. I need restart frequently so it is becoming frustrating. I am thinking to cancel my membership this month if it will go like that. 

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