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Bluetooth issues after commercial plays (iPhone 5)

Bluetooth issues after commercial plays (iPhone 5)

I have a 2013 Lexus IS350 and I used to be able to play Spotify through bluetooth with no problems whatsoever. Now, after one of the many updates to it, every time Spotify finished playing a commerical, my screen (on my car that shows the text) will either go blank or switch to the default music app all the while continuing to play from the Spotify app.


The problem is whenever I use my control buttons to change the song or the volume, it doesn't work or switches over to play that god awful free U2 music I haven't taken off my phone yet (it's the only album I have in my stock/music app). It's very frustrating...


Is it my car or is there something I can do about it through Spotify?? Any help I can get is greatly appreciated!!!

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