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Bose SoundTouch Scrobble to

Bose SoundTouch Scrobble to

I have Spotify Premium account. My listening data is recorded fine with (scrobbles).


When listening to spotify IOS via bluetooth to SoundTouch or via the Soundtouch app the scrobbles are lost (not recorded on Social settings for on Spotify app are actually inactivated (greyed out). 

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Thanks for posting this. I've had the same problem and have looked in vain for a solution. I really hope that Spotify address this. (I also have a premium account.)

Also having this problem. Would really like it sorted so that I can scribble when using the Bose soundtouch app.

I used scroble using my speaker and using my Premium account, I noticed that after an update, I don't recall if it was a Soundtouch or the Spotify app that after that I can't scroble anymore to my Last Fm account

Same problem here. Listening with external speaker, no scrobbling

Hi all,


The whole problem with scrobbling from Spotify is that, due to what I regard as an ill-designed feature of Spotify, scrobbling happens via the client app(s) and not via server.


This issue can be also noticed when resetting a phone and/or reinstalling the iOS app, or when installing a Spotify app on a new device.


If, like in my case, you use Spotify from a MacBook, an iPhone and an iPad, you might end up with one or two of those devices scrobbling to while the third doesn't because you still have to enter your credentials in the relevant Spotify client.


Therefore, in order for us to scrobble from the Bose SoundTouch, we should actually ask Bose to improve their Spotify client and add an option to enter our credentials there.


For this reason, I never use the Spotify client in my SoundTouch and I listen to Spotify via AirPlay from my iPad. At least Bose has recently improved significantly its support for AirPlay, which used to be slightly buggy for over a year.


I would really like Spotify to move the integration to their server(s), at least for Premium customers like myself, so that it's mapped to a user account rather than to a device and therefore any customer using a new device will be able to scrobble without remembering of adding his/her details once more in the Spotify app.






Any news in this issue?? thanks!

I am not using SoundTouch but I have a same problem, when I am not listening at PC but through spotify-connected speaker.

Same problem here. 90% of my music is played with Soundtouch speaker, so scrobbling now is just impossible...

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