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Bug: Wrong song shown playing

Bug: Wrong song shown playing






iPhone 12

Operating System



My Question or Issue

The wrong song will be shown playing when navigating to an album by clicking through the song that is currently playing.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Play a song. I used one on one of my custom playlists. 

2. Click on the song to get to the album which includes the song that is currently playing.

3. Select another song from the album. Incorrectly, the song that is shown as playing is the song from step 1 and not the new song. No matter how many songs are selected from that album, the UI does not reflect the currently selected song. Note that the song plays just fine if selected.


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Hi there @brak_,

thanks for reaching out !


I have tried to replicate  your issue using my own personal devices to no avail.

Therefore, this might a cache-related issue with the app on your device.


In this case, I'd recommend the following:


  1. Try log out and then to log back in, in the app twice in a row, to trigger a refresh between the app and your account
  2. If restarting the app doesn't help here, you can try and perform a clean reinstall and let me know if it helps 

Note: this type of reinstall is a more thorough one, it will also wipe your downloaded music for offline hearing, so you'd need to download it again 


Let me know how it goes 🙂

Hi @brak_,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


I tried recreating this on my end, but couldn't get the same result.


Can you check if this issue is present when you're playing music only on your phone, without being connected to an external speaker/ device via Spotify Connect.


If that's the case, try performing a clean reinstall of the app. Follow this guide, as it explains how to remove all app data before reinstalling. Sometimes this app data/ cache can get corrupted and cause such errors.


Looking forward to your reply.


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