Camera lock-screen bug iOS 8


Camera lock-screen bug iOS 8


I believe I have discovered a bug with using camera on my iPhone 5s (iOS 8.0.2 and 8.1) and Spotify (


I like to listen to my ofline-starred playlist on Spotify during solo walks/hikes and take photos while I'm out. When I attempt open the camera from the lock screen it frequently causes the camera and/or Spotify to crash. 


I know that opening the camera in any of the video modes (slo-mo, time lapse, etc.) uses the mic will cause the audio to stop on Spotify. I'm talking about using the still camera in normal or square mode.


Sometimes the camera comes up but the image is foggy or blurred. Other times Spotify crashes and I have to relaunch. 


Anyone else having this issue?

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Re: Camera lock-screen bug iOS 8

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It's weird, iOS apps are sandboxed so it is rare they can interact with each other in such a way.

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