Can I play local files FROM iPhone?


Can I play local files FROM iPhone?


I would like to be able to play local music from my iPhone through the iPhone app. All the answers related to playing music from a local source tell me to fix it from the desktop app. However, the music on my Mac and iPhone isn't synced and all the songs on my phone aren't in my iTunes library. 


Does anybody know a way to do that?


Plan: Premium

Country: Denmark 

Device: iPhone 5S

Operating System: iOS 11.4 


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Re: Can I play local files FROM iPhone?

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Hi @sophiacorydon

Spotify currently can't play local files from your phone.

Your only option is to move them to your Mac, then add them through the desktop app, make a playlist and download it on your phone. It's kind of tedious to do so, but there is no other way, unfortunately.

Have a great day.