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Can I remove the suggested playlist categories from Spotify?

Can I remove the suggested playlist categories from Spotify?

My homepage currently has “Icons of Black LGBTQ+ Music” to which I have no desire to listen. Is there a way to remove this as a premium account holder?
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Of course you can’t change it.  You must accept Spotify’s social indoctrination.

Yeah I'm looking for a fix for this as well. They're suggesting Robert Evans. If that's not a sign they're off their rocker idk what is. 

For real this is ridiculous... Unacceptable... finding a new music service if not corrected... Allow us to disable Suggestions... Please... 

I want this removed as well!

Also looking for a solution to this irrelevant content presented to me

This is unacceptable. You know I'm not interested in this by my listening habits. You're just trying to jam this **bleep** down our throats. 1% of your subscribers would want to listen to “Icons of Black LGBTQ+ Music”. Please stop this or give us an option to remove suggestion. Starting to look for other options to get my music. 

I don’t want this music at the top of my preteen home page. There needs to be an option to choose what we want to see. 

If using an Apple product then find your app icon, select it, and hit delete.  Do not forget to go to the website and cancel your membership and let them know that you cancelled because they do not offer a way to personalize Home Screen/banners.  It will probably not be dropping your account that forces change but all those that proceeded and followed will give them pause.

Totally unacceptable. Time to Budlight Spotify’s ass. 

The fact that this was considered the solution is wild, Spotify you're gay as **bleep** and that's with all due disrespect

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