Can’t Play only downloaded songs?

Can’t Play only downloaded songs?





Spotify ver 8.4.94


I used to be able to pick “saved songs” from my library, and this would play every song i chose to download from any playlist. Now I’m only able to choose to play “favorite songs” (which are different from the songs i have downloaded, since i used to have +3000 and in favorite songs i only have 1900 songs). 


Is there a way i can see all the songs i downloaded in one place and play them, without having to add them to a new playlist one by one? 

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Have you tried going directly to your songs or albums? Whatever songs are downloaded should have a green downward arrow. 


Is anything showing up?


I can’t see all the songs! It only shows albums or playlists



Up until recently the Your Library section allowed me to select Songs and filter just the downloaded ones. I have usually some whole Albums downloaded, some Playlists and some individual Songs. I listen to them in the subway offline almost every day. Now this option is gone.
When will it be back? 
Please fix this.


Thank you. Regards,


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