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Can't buy the premium version

Can't buy the premium version

I haven't use Spotify for 3 weeks and my premium account expired so when I tried to buy the premium account but I can't
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Hello Bentbv ๐Ÿ™‚


Could you try using an incognito window or a private browser in updating your payment details? This usually prevents cached data or cookies from interfering the process.

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(Since this is in the IOS category I am going to assume you tried buying it through the App Store / used iTunes money)


The reason why you can't buy Spotify Premium with iTunes money / through App Store is because there is an Intro Offer, in this case it's the 3 months for 0.99.


Spotify tweeted about this:


"During our Intro Offer, in-app purchases are not available. Get started with Premium at"


If I were you I would get a refund from Apple.

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