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Can't connect to Sonos players in Spotify Connect

Can't connect to Sonos players in Spotify Connect

So I open up the Spotify app and I can see my sonos devices there waiting to be connected to. I click on them to connect and it says connecting, but then nothing.


This is the same on my iOS app.


They are clearly there but just won't connect.


Strangely when I go through the Sonos desktop app I can paly things from spotify there without problem.



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Same problem here. I can connect to my old ZP80, but not to my ZP100... works fine via the Sonos iOS app though.

Same for me with the Spotify android app. It worked fine when I started using it for the first time yesterday (I'd been going through Sonos up to that point), but now it's not functioning

Has anyone found a solution for this? I just switched from Apple Music to Spotify just for this functionality. But it's not working. 😞

Turning my vpn off and on worked for me, never had a problem previously though.


If not, check you're connected to the same wireless network. For example, if your router broadcasts two different signals

I have the same problem, I can see my sonos speakers from my Android app but when I click connect it is saying "Connecting device" but nothing happens.


If anyone has solved this problem please let me know...

I have the same issue.  I've been playing through my Sonos speaker over four months and just lost connection yesterday.  When I try to reconnect, it sees the the device through Spotify Connect but will not connect.  I can connect to Spotify through the Sonos app but it is very difficult to play the same music as the Sonos app is not nearly as intuitive as the Spotify music app.  Very irritating!

I have the same problem on andoid.  It was working fine from the spotify app on my andoid, then it quit.  I could not get it to reconnect, even though it still says they are available.  It works on my computer through the Sonos app, but not on my PC's Spotify app either.

I have exactly the same issue.
Is there a fix?
Spotify can see Sonos devices but they are greyed out and can't connect.

Seems not. It just seems to lock every day so I get back from work and
takes 15 minutes to sort. Reconnect disconnect etc. Turning vpn off
sometimes works but still not guaranteed

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I also can see Sonos from spotify app then try connecting.  After about 10secs of trying to connect it reverts back to phone.  Never had this problem before.  Cannot use Sonos app as this has insufficient functionality to reach all my music in Spotify.

Also I have always had problems changing volume levels through Spotify app when connectected to Sonos.  Get round this by openning Sonos app to change the volume.


I only got premium for the Sonos connectivity so may have to leave.  Google music with Sonos works effortlessly.  I am trialling them both.

Not sure if this helps at all but I just recently had this problem yesterday and fixed it just maybe two minutes ago I wasn't able to play music on my Sonos from the Spotify app on my phone but I could on my tablet and while trying to troubleshoot I opened up the Sonos app on my phone which I knew would play already and went into my settings to check for online updates and it was one of vailable after the update finished I closed it out went back into the Spotify app and was able to select the Sonos and now my music is playing. Hope this helps

Hi, Just created an account in the SONOS app and boom it works!

hope this helps 

Same thing! I logged into my Sonos account from the app and it started working again. I logged a case two days ago with Sonos support, but as is often the case, forums are where you get help.

I had the same problem and fixed it by going into Sonos and in Settings-->Services, chose the option to reauthorize Spotify. That did the least for the time being.

Did the sonos update and reauthorised spotify in sonos app. Still having problems. Started a week ago. Google play works perfectly

I pretty much have the same problem. I can see the sonos player on my spotify app and when I click it says connecting but then reverts back to my phone.


Also I can seem to find spotify from my sonos app either under Add music services.

Okay, so I uninstalled and then reinstalled Spotify and it's been back to
normal. Give that a go and hopefully it will help you too

Tried that as well and no luck

I'm back to not being able to connect to Sonos players from Spotify. I reauthorized it again, and it no longer works. Neither Sonos nor Spotify seems to take this seriously.

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