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Can't download songs on my Premium Account

Can't download songs on my Premium Account

Hey everyone, 

So I have an Iphone 5 that is completely up to date on all iOS updates. I am also on a family premium account. For some reason on this iPhone though, I do not have access to any premium perks such as being able to save and download music. I cannot even see the regular list when you click the library button. The library only shows Playlists, Artists, and Albums and I cannot save or download any music. 


Naturally I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app multiple times as well as turning off the iPhone, but it is not working. So, I tried the account on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which is an older phone and the account worked great on that phone. So I am confused as to why I cannot access any of the premium perks on my iPhone but I can on someone elses Note 3??

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Hey @GevinGylerGinn  welcome to the Community.
Hope you're doing great!


Could you try using the Remove Offline Devices and Sign Out Everywhere from your Spotify account page?

Let me know how that goes 🙂

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