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Can't download the music for offline use


Can't download the music for offline use

Hi all, I'm using the premium service but everytime I save the music to 'my songs' list.. It won't download! Which means I can't listen to that particular song offline.

Any idea why?
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 I am having the same issues as people above...i can't toggle out of download mode and it is stuck in spinning on "downloading"  It has been an issue for the past two weeks and no matter what I try it won't get out of this mode.  HELP!!


This worked for me tooo. Maybe as were paying premium price for premium content you could resolve this issue with the app Spotify!

stfu this works sike this doesnt punk **bleep** 

Hi all. Every time I try to dowload a song, it will not let me. It says I have the maximum of downloads, but I have Un-downloaded half of my music and it will not let me dowload another song. An album just dropped but I can not listen. Please fix my account. 

I’m connected to the WiFi and tried using data too but it’s stuck like that and won’t download 

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