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Can't follow radio stations. Thinks it's a playlist

Can't follow radio stations. Thinks it's a playlist


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iPhone 6s

Operating System

iOs 12.1.2


My Question or Issue

 When I attempt to follow a radio station on my iphone it thinks it's a playlist. The end result is that I don't have the thumbs up/down icons so I can't give feedback to the station on what I like and don't like. To access a radio station, I search for an artist or song, then from options select "Go to radio". If I follow the station, it shows up in my library as a play list instead of a radio station. The item on the play list tab even shows up as "jack johnson radio" or "led zeppelin radio". 


I attached a video showing how I navigate to the station. 

3 Replies

Hi All,

The quickest solution I found to this problem is as the follows:

Go to "Search" bar and type the Artist / Song  / Album name or what kind of radio you are looking for. Then when the results show up, click on the three dots "..." next to the result that matches your search the most. There will come up a few options such as "Remove, Add to Playlist, Add to Queue, Share, Go to Radio, View Album, View Artist, Report Explicit Content, Song Credits". Click "Go to radio". There you will find mostly the same content (list of songs) as what Spotify automatically brings you when it switches to "Radio" mode of a Song / Artist or an Album. It is not exactly the same line up, the sequence is kind of mixed  and I am not sure if they are exactly the same songs with the automated list (the list which is seen as a playlist rather than a radio station by Spotify) but this is probably the closest match for the solution to our problem at the moment until Spotify sees this siuation as "Problem" and tries to "fix" it by bringing a better solution - in a way that we are able to "Follow" the radio like we used to in the past and not "recognize it as a playlist".  The good news is that there you can have the option to "Follow" the "Radio Station" like we used to before! 🙂

If someone can confirm that they are exactly the same songs with Spotify's automated Radio station playlist, that would be a hit in the bull's eye 🙂 

Hope this helps. Enjoy.


I have chatted with the support and they have confirmed that "Radio" and "Stations" will be deleted. Only artists will be able to create stations, users will not be able to do so. But the "stations" will only be a playlist with songs. A normal playlist of 50 songs. The "artists" and "stations" menu is temporary and will be deleted.
Another functionality that Spotify eliminates.

Why do they have to keep removing features and functions away?

Why, oh why?

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