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Can’t get podcasts to download to iPhone over WiFi

Can’t get podcasts to download to iPhone over WiFi

I have tried all the solutions other folks have posted. It doesn’t work. I literally only downloaded this app for ONE PODCAST and it will not download. I’ve tried others and they won’t either. Every other app I have downloads fine, including podcasts. It is ONLY Spotify that won’t download podcasts to my phone. There is plenty of storage. And the fact that there isn’t actual HELP makes it even more worthless. If anyone can help I’d be super happy, I’ll buy you a beer. Because I’m about to throw my phone against the wall.

26 Replies

Known issue going back 2 years and still

people are having issues and still nothing is being done to resolve the issue. 

cmon Spotify. Sort your sh!t out

Thank you! This solution worked for me. Setting iPhone Auto-lock to “Never” fixed the problem of not being able to download podcast episodes. Thanks!!

Same issue. Clearly Spotify has chosen not to address this ongoing issue. Bad move given that they are trying to dominate the podcast game. Not a fan of ios podcast app, but guess I have no choice. Weak.

So check this out. Once I logged into Spotify to leave my last post, my downloads started to go through on my iphone. So maybe one has to log into their sony via web browser? Makes no sense, but that’s what worked for me. And yes, I was having the same issue as others and yes I tried all of the other mitigation steps. 

I tried this and it worked perfectly.

Thank you very much!

When will Spotify fix this issue. I repeatedly have to reinstall. 

The solution for me has been to make sure that the iPhone Auto-Lock
settings are set to Never.

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