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Can't listen to certain artists

Can't listen to certain artists




United States 


iPhone 7 Plus

Operating System

iOS 12.1.3


My Question or Issue

I'm suddenly having an issue, which has persisted for roughly 24 hours now, where I am unable to listen to a certain artist, blackbear, from my iPhone. When selecting a track from any other artist, it will play normally. When selecting any song from blackbear on any other device, it will play normally. When selecting any song, even on my iPhone, posted under any other artist, even if the track features blackbear (such as a blackbear remix of another artist's track, listed as being from the other artist,) it will play normally. When selecting any track from blackbear on my iPhone, it will stop any currently playing track and all playback controls (play/pause, next, previous, etc.) disappear, as though the app is freshly opened with no recent play activity.


I have unsaved tracks and entire albums from blackbear, uninstalled and reinstalled the entire app on my iPhone.


Any help resolving this would be appreciated.

1 Reply

Well, what a strange bug. I figured I'd give un-following and re-following the artist a shot, and I found that it said I wasn't even following him. I followed, un-followed, and re-followed, and I am now able to select tracks from him with no immediate issue.

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