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Can't play any song complete

Can't play any song complete



After the last update ( on ipad3 (ios 5.1.1) is every song aborting after 2minutes.

I rebooted the ipad 2times and reintalled the spotify app for ipad, but nothing changed.


Any advice? Got anybody else this problem?


Best regards,



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I also have this problem on my I-pad 2!. I don't know if it started after the last update, but suddenly the songs abort after 1 or 2 minutes or will not start playing at all. I don't know how to solve this problem. I also reinstalled the app, but nothing changed. I'm looking forward to any advise on this problem.


Best regards, 



I am also having this issue in my iPad 3... Thought it was my wifi, and reset that many times; have emptied cache; uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify many many times (at least 10); logged out and back in like 50 times -- same thing has happened for over a week: a song will play for 20 second to 1:30 or so, and then stop, and then that's it. No more music, no other songs, nothing. I have Spotify on my laptop so it's not like I can't access spotify at all, but just means I am stuck sitting at my desk as opposed to being able to move around the apartment and the city/world with my playlists -- VERY FRUSTRATING! 

I did the most recent download which said it addressed connectivity issues, but whatever it addressed did NOT fix this issue.

Same here on the new ipad, except songs stop after 20-25 seconds.

Hi, Same here, sometimes after 10 sec and other songs after 50 sec... It just stops whithout any message. Please help !

I am having the same problem on my iPhone 4s. I can play a track and it will stop in the middle of it. If I try to skip to the next track, that track won't play, nor will any other track. I have installed the latest update also

I completely powered down my ipad and restarted and it seems to be working now. Give it a try.

Nc10, Thanks.  Turning my device off and back on worked for me too!  I have Spotify working on my iPhone 4S again.

Yay! I had never ever powered down my iPad completely in the 2 months that I've owned it, lol, but that fixed the problem!

Yesss, it worked! Thanks! I'm a happy listener again,

Thanks for bringing this up. I have the exact same problem.  I thought it was my connection and spent over an hour checking everything.  Streaming radio and everything else seems to work.  I cannot even play a downloaded song  for more than about 20 seconds. 


Sometimes when  I start the app it tells me I have no connectionwhen I definitely do.


I tried reducing the streaming quality to lowest but that had no effect.  If they don't sort this out soon I will cancel my subscription as I only have an iPad to stream the music from.


Regards to all.


Yes restarting has fixed THE issue :). Thnx

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