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Can't queue songs! Iphone


Can't queue songs! Iphone

Since the new update  whenever i try to que a song on my iphone by pressing "Add to que" a popup shows and says:
"Could not load tracks. This tracks are currently unavailable. please try again later."
It happens on every track i try to que. 






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Problem is at last solved with the two last versions ! Thanks Spotify !

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14 Replies

On my iPhone it looks like just some of my songs get this message, but it's always the same songs that gets the "could not load tracks" pop-ups. If I just press play on them they work fine, but I can't put them in que.


I am having the same problems. It is so annoying, especially when I am driving in the car.

I have the exact same problem. Only happens on playlists where only a portion of the songs are synced for offlline mode.

I have the same problem, plz fix =9


I am having the same issue with my Iphone as well. Did you found a solution to this or?




I´ve got the same problem since I Updated my spotify. Slowly it´s starting to queue the songs again and I got rid of the message, but now it´s just possible to queue one  song at the time, so pretty useless. And it´s not always even this work. Do anyone have an idea if its possible to reverse the update, cause everything was working fine before and I just updated be clicking out of misstake haha. thanx!

I've got the same problem, only when im offline though. When im online the queue function works fine but as soon as im in offline mode the pop up comes up on every track im trying to queue. This is really annoying because the battery is running out much faster when im online..

Same problem for me too. This is very annoying.

For me, it looks like some of my older songs added a couple of years ago works. Non of the ones added to my playlist in the last 6 months(give or take) works though 😕

Exact same problem here since the new design. (iPhone 4, last Spotify version, french)
Another problem that might be related : I don't have the images of the album covers when I'm offline.

For me this queue problem is a major problem for premium users, I find it more and more difficult to keep paying for such a bad offline service.

I haven't heard any news about the queue being broken, but it was mentioned by a dev somewhere that the album artwork being broken will be fixed in an upcoming release.

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I still having this issue. It's possible to queue songs online, but not in offline mode. 

I've tried to restore my device and resync my music.



This is quite annoying and we are still waiting for more information related to this matter !

Marked as solution

Problem is at last solved with the two last versions ! Thanks Spotify !

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