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Can’t search artists or play unsaved music

Can’t search artists or play unsaved music









iPhone 6s

Operating System

iOS 12.1


My Question or Issue

I purchased Premium Family around the 25th and have since then experienced some extremely annoying problems. None of the other family members have them. 


I can only play songs that have already been saved in my library. Whenever I try to search an artist or a song, it says there has been an error and I should try again later. It won’t pkay suggested music either. It literally will only play what I had already saved. Recently, it has been bugging even more, saying that it’s not online even though I either have WiFi or 4g. I tried deleting my cache (didn’t work), I tried to log in and out (didn’t work), I tried reinstalling the app (didn’t work). Then I tried doing all three things and now it won’t even let me log me in even though I KNOW the email and password is correct. Spotify works fine on my computer. 


None of the the other family members have these problems. So annoying to have paid for premium and then it doesn’t even work. 😞

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