Can't send songs to friends :(


Can't send songs to friends :(


I don't have a facebook or any other social media account linked to my spotify, I only have my spotify account. But anytime i find a song i want to share with a fellow spotify user, I click the three dots, hit share, hit send to, hit select people, and then it just gives me a blank screen with empty slots and a search bar. I type in my freinds account name but it tels me there is No Results. I have tried this many times with many peoples account and everytime it's the same thing. At first I thought it was a premium thing but i have premium now so i don't understand. Help from this would be much appreciated.

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Hey there!

We're afraid that at the moment it's only possible to share tracks with your Facebook friends from Spotify on mobile.

You can also select the Copy Track Link option to share these tracks with your friends on other messaging services.

We'll make sure to pass your feedback along to the right team.

Re: Can't send songs to friends :(

Nine months later and nothing has changed. I guess there is no "right team" working at Spotify. Seriously, the social part of Spotify is complete garbage. You can't even figure out how to let people share music with their Spotify friends? Shouldn't that be THE most basic feature?

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Hi Steph,


Can I just say that the messaging feature was just about the only reason I wanted to keep Spotify? It's a really cool feature. There is an actual need for it. It's hard to explain but maybe your team needs to do some research and re-fill this value. Thanks.

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Update on the removal of inbox:

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