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Do local files actually sync now? Last time I spoke with customer support, they told me that it was removed in order to improve it. This was way back in March. 


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Nope, still haven't gotten a solution for this. I started a free trial of Google Music and it worked perfectly. If there was only a way to transfer playlists I'd be using their service right now...

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Casual Listener

I cannot believe that this issue is still present... this is an absolute joke. People are paying money for this and still Spotify just take their paying customers for granted. How come Deezer, Google Music and other services have this working, flawlessly for millions of users on multiple device platforms. But the "Leading" music streaming provider can't sync a song from a PC to a phone...


Are you guys actually working on fixing this, or just laughing at every new post that comes in? I just couldn't be a developer for your company and sit there knowing that we'd completely borked something that worked fine, then get our support staff to lie day after day that it does work and we must have an isolated issue. There are hundreds and hundreds of people moaning about this and it's always the same response:


  1. Re-install the app
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Re-make the playlist
  4. Waste hours of your life doing this as we all know it doesn't work

I personally feel like Spotify doesn't care about their customers, comminuties and how they operate as a business. If you guys actually did care, you'd fix something that should be a relatively easy fix, maybe a month at tops.


I'm starting to think that maybe this is a music industry related thing and you guys want to restrict what we can listen to to ensure you're getting revenue. How'd you make money from people playing local files that Spotify doesn't know? It all makes sense to me really, rip off customers by telling them that we can play local files on mobiles, then don't offer that service in the hope we'll seek files on your punch out catalogue and earn you extra revenue.


Tell me I'm wrong? And while your at it, tell me how I can sort the local file issues... Im sure the CEO's of spotify don't have this issue.. people would be fired by now.


I've recently switched from Deezer back to Spotify (stupidly assuming this fault would be fixed, its been 10 months...) and am immediately regretting it. I cannot believe your lack of commitment to your customers that are keeping your business afloat.

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I'm in the same situation and I'm beyond sick of it. I've been a Premium user for years and this is just ridiculous. Why am I paying for this? None of my Taylor Swift songs, and now most of my new Adele songs that I've purchased from iTunes will sync to my phone. I've tried every single "follow these steps" on this forum. Nothing works. I will be researching a new music service to switch to. 

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I actually managed to get this working finally. Here's how I did it.

  1. Go to firewall settings
  2. Delete all rules fro Spotify (for some reason I had 6 rules)
  3. Open spotify and the Firewall will pop up asking for connection options
  4. Make sure you select BOTH public and privite connections
  5. Go back to the firewall settings and enable both firewall exceptions as for somereason only the public wifi connection actually gets switched on
  6. After the above is set up, the local files synced fine.


Absolutely crazy that Spotify aren't telling people that there must be an issue with how their application talks to windows in regards of the firewall. But it worked for me, synced 35 local files with no issue. But still had to use the "Put them all in their own local file playlist before you add them to any other playlist" trick

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Has this problem been resolved yet? It's been over a year and I just started experiencing this problem recently. Not 3 months ago all my songs were playing fine. What happened?