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Can't turn off shuffle play


Can't turn off shuffle play

I have tried to turn off the new shuffle play (using the 'I'). When I push this it says I need to upgrade to premium. I already do have premium. How do I get my songs playing in their right playlist order?


Solution by Matt Suda:


If you have a premium subscription, you will be able to turn off shuffle in the iPhone app.


265 Replies

Thanks for posting this!  I don't have any subscription and it worked fine on my iPad.

I try to turn off shuffle play but it says I need to upgrade to premium but I don't have the money to so how can I play my songs in the right order without getting premium.

The simple answer is, you can't. Have you never heard of the acronym TANSTAAFL (look it up if you haven't).

You basically want all of Spotify without paying for it. Next you'll be complaining about the adverts because you can't afford premium. As it is, you have access to all the world's music and pay ......... nothing. THAT not the way the world works.

I'm just enraged by this stupid suffle play, I've every possible button (at the song and where ever) but there is no way to GET RID OF THE SUFFLE PLAY!!!111




I want to listen to my music in my order! Stop giving me suggestions on what to listen if you're not even letting me to listen what I want in the order I want!!



I have read all the solutions for turning off shuttle and still can't stop it. I am a premium customer and use my IPhone and IPad only, any help before it drives me crazy?

this no longer works, there has apparently been an update that removed the shuffle button. any ideas?

update: i restarted my ipad and the shuffle on/off button returned

No matter what I do with the 2 criss cossing arrows makes no difference, driven nuts!!!

if you have Premium service, check "deck control" screen (detail shown here) - gray crossed arrows indicate Shuffle Play OFF, green ON - tap arrows to toggle


When I try and turn off the shuffle it pops up with the premium feature stuff please help me

Premium (paid) subscription required to disable Shuffle Play.

I tried it but still is not allowing to get rid of Sheffel. I have up gradec

Thank you Dude !!!!

Every time I hit the crossing arrows I get the "free trial" or " no thanks " for the premium Spotify and still cannot make he green arrows turn white to disable shuffled !!!! I can, however, with the repeat arrows ?????

If you turn the shuffle off, why "shuffle"-icon let's you assume it's still on? Icon should disappear or at least it could turn grey, have cross on it or something like that? That's a bug. App is IOS.


So the so called 'solution' is that I have to buy a subscription for premium? In December of 2016 I didn't have premium and was able to turn off shuffle play. I stopped listening in December (broken phone) and, shuffle play was off and now I go back on spotify and shuffle play is automatically turned on. I dont want to have to buy premium just to turn off shuffle play. Even to skip songs I might not want to listen to. Its bullßhït. Spotify must be very füçking desperate for money because they are obviously not making it user friendly so they force you to get premium. Thanks but no thanks I'll just get a better music app.

I agree. I uninstalled Spotify from my phone. Its pretty "Chicken Sh." of
them to force purchase of the pro version.

Looking forward to your posting which music app allows you to play ANY music in order for free. Not sure what the business model is going to be based on, but one thing's almost guaranteed, they'll go busy in short order.

No, wait, I have a better idea. Why don't YOU write an app that allows us all to listen to any music in any order FOR FREE.

I tried everything you have shown and talked about I still cannot get it to turn off

Brilliant, worked thanks!

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