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Can't turn off shuffle play


Can't turn off shuffle play

I have tried to turn off the new shuffle play (using the 'I'). When I push this it says I need to upgrade to premium. I already do have premium. How do I get my songs playing in their right playlist order?


Solution by Matt Suda:


If you have a premium subscription, you will be able to turn off shuffle in the iPhone app.


265 Replies

Amen!!!!  Some people want to listen to an album the way it is formatted.  Not that hard but disappointed that developers don't seem to get it.  Should be obvious on both Apple and Android, not hidden!  Was about to give up Spotify because it was so frustrating for me.

By Jove!! I think ive got it!!!


Having just instructed a spin session and had to tollerate this problem improvising by manually selecting my play list song, I think ive found the answer?? 

My "Twisted arrows" was off but it still shuffled.

I did the following and it stopped shuffling!

Whilst playing a song in your play list screen, you will see a small "block?" consisting of three horrizontal lines with a tiny play symbol at the far left of the top line. this is located on the right of the play bar at the bottom of the screen ( menu I think ). Click on this and another screen will be displayed with "Queued songs" select Clear near to queued songs and then select "Queue" at the top of the song list on the left next to History.

Now try your play lists and they should not shuffle, mine stopped and the playing song banner screen ( up arrow on play bar ) is all in order. I really should work for spotify.




4-8-2017 I have an iphone SE and decided today that I would Google how to play in order. The default was to have the shuffle arrows green (on). I touched to turn them light grey (off).  When I open a Playlist the large green Shuffle Play button is at the top as always. DON'T press it. Just touch the first song in the list and it starts to play and then just keeps playing in order down the list. You can start anywhere in the list and it plays the rest of the list in order after the first song you touch to start playing.

I haaaaaate this shuffle play, it's driving me crazzzzzy😡 I can't stop it!!!!!!!! I hate it so much😡😡😡😡😡

Tap the shuffle botton until it is white.

The odd thing about my situation is that I have this problem on iPhone but NOT on my iPad . Weird

In that case I'm leaving Spotify until it's free to play.

Different devices have different format of spotify. Idk tho but my mac's spotify is the free one and i dont have to shuffle to listen to music there.

I cant turn off shuffle on spotify it wont turn off

I followed the instructions but after I pressed the shuffle icon to change to grey, it turns to ask for a Premium spotify, which I already have
Whats to do?

My name is Joe Dale, I have a problem with the shuffle button, but I can't turn it off because it gives me £9.99 per month.

How am I going to get rid of it?

If I'm gonna tell you it's actually intended, will you believe me?


It astonishes me that, after years of people complaining about this issue, Spotify did nothing to make its user's lifes better and increase customer satisfaction.


I would LOVE to have visual and audio ads (like on the desktop version) instead of locking the ability to play the songs in a specific order! I would absolutely LOVE TO. Seriously. 


And reading that the tablets don't have this restriction makes me wonder: why?! Tablets aren't considered mobile devices? Why only phones have to have this restriction? Not that I'm asking to be added to everyone. On the contrary! I'm asking to have the same monetization system as the one on the DESKTOP version (meaning ads), for all!

And of course, to remove ads, you can become a premium user. And you know what? I would love to pay 5EUR for subscription. Same as other music services (Apple Music). 10EUR/month is a bit too much. And again, asking the users to become premium users, just to UNLOCK a feature that shouldn't be locked in the first place, a feature that ISN'T locked on tablets and desktops, is just bad marketing in my opinion.

Take a video or pic to prove it or whatever please help m to get rid of the annoying SHUFFLE. ???

As i said above, you can't. Unless you become a premium user.

Doesn’t work. Just says upgrade to premium which I have. 

I have the “shuffle icon” disabled, but I am still stuck in that mode. See attachment 

I have a library of albums and personally created playlists that are being mixed together. It’s not just shuffling from songs of one album or playlist.

If I’m in a mode for something smooth like Marvin, off my Relaxing playlist, the next song would something from DMX off my Get At It playlist.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Your Service is terrible Spotify. I should be able to pick which songs to play. I DO NOT WANT SHUFFLE

You guys are just a bunch of greedy people.


What an incredibly stupid design, and this solution doesn't work, I'm going back to Google Play Music All Access. 

I did just that but it still green no gray. It’s not letting me for some reason and why I actually do not know and it’s frustrating as **bleep** and I don’t wanna purchase **bleep** it’s an free app to listen to all my music 

Brilliant!! I think you should be working for Spotify too. I’ve tried for ages to disable shuffle with no success. You’d have thought that with so many people having the same problem, that Spotify would have worked it out for themselves. Well done.

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