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Cannot Log out or into Iphone App

Cannot Log out or into Iphone App


iPhone X



My Question or Issue

I had spotify free on my phone. Decided to upgrade to premium. Went to website, got an account, added premium. I go to the app on the Iphone and the logout button does nothing. 

I uninstalled the app and tried, at least 3 times. Same result. 
I tried removing anything stored on my phone that would keep the app information on uninstallation. No dice. 

No devices are listed on my profile (not sure why they would since I am technically not logged into anything but the website). 

I even reset my entire phone. Still logs me into that free account when I download the app, and again, the logout button does nothing.

I tried for a good hour to be able to log into the app. Getting pretty frustrated at this point. Anything else I can try?

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I’m sorry to hear you're having trouble logging in. I recommend checking out this Spotify Answer for more info.

This should help clear things up!

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None of those solutions work, since the App automatically logs in some free account on installation. Clicking logout in the app, does nothing. 

I would wager a guess, that something is wonky in the code behind, because my AppleID is the same as the email I used for the spotify account Premium. Somehow the free account ID is associated with my AppleID, and when I activated premium it didnt link the email addresses. 

My userID in the app, is not the same as the one on my Spotify Profile. Since the app will not let me log out, its not as simple as reinstalling, reseting, logging out or any of that, since it has all been attempted already.

Hi there


Sorry that it did not help. Have you tried clearing your cache or if you are not downloading it from the app store. download it from there?

Also, try signing out of your apple account and back in.

I had the same problem on my iPhone. I was logged in with Facebook and the app wouldn’t let me log out. I went in to Facebook and removed the Spotify app from my Facebook settings. Then I was able to logout of the Spotify app and into my actual Spotify account. 

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