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Cannot login app through iphone xr premium facebook

Cannot login app through iphone xr premium facebook







iPhone Xr 

Operating System

iOS 12.3.1 -most current


My Question or Issue

I cannot login regularly with the app. I use facebook to login. I get the message something went wrong plese try again later. It won't login for most of the day until late in the evening usually. It seems to be my Pioneer car stereo when linking somehow triggers something that kicks me off the app. It will show on my stereo and on the app that I am linked but I can here no sound, if I scroll ahead through a few songs it will show I am then logged out on the phone. Then I am basically locked out, even when away from the car and stereo, and just unable to login no matter what I do. What is happening? Would it help if my spotify was not linked to facebook? It causes no problems with desktop access. I've tried reinstalling the app, I updated firmware on radio, and tried every option that is provided on this site and nothing works.

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