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Cant Login

I have used the premium account for months but as of this weekend, I cant login on my iphone. 

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neither can i  - started on saturday, and sunday i got 2 emails asking if i would like to upgrade to prem... and another about my 30 day free trial being over.


not just iphone, wont work from our android either.


desktop still works - wont load the "whats new" page though.....

Hey guys..

Had the same problem. I just erased my spotify app on my iphone, installed it again and then it worked just fine 🙂 Don't know if this is the easiest way to do this, but it worked for me 🙂 

I had the same problem recently. I had troubles updating the app on my iPhone for some reason, so I deleted and reinstalled it. Now I can't log in or anything. When I connected it to Facebook, I got an email saying I am now on a trial version of Premium (for which I was previously paying). All my playlists and everything are gone too Smiley Sad

ive tried deleting the app and redownloading / rebooting the phone but that didnt work either.

same issue here. via my iPod when I try to log in via facebook, it takes me to my fb log in page, after I enter info it says 'An error ocurred with Spotify. Please try again later'. I've been trying for a few days already. Did anyone find a solution? It was all fine until I deleted the app to clear the cache (yet another issue) and re installed it. Thx.

@Dpoler  - While I believe the previous posts were temporary log in issues, your case is a bit different. 


What's happened is youv'e made a duplicate account via your Facebook. You then upgraded the new account to Premium, rather than 'dpolee'.


This can all be resolved--an email is on its way to you now. 

I cant sign in on my computer or iphone. I changed my password and I have premium. I can sign into my spotify account though. Very frustrating. There is no phone number in the contact section for help either, i find that a little obnoxious.

Hi Gizmoleejoe- The first thing I recommend is clean reinstalls on both your computer and iPhone. 


You can find instructions based on your operating system here. Steps for your iPhone can be found below:


1. Delete the Spotify application from your iPhone/iPod. To do this, press and hold the application until it hovers and then press the X symbol
2. Restart your iPod/iPhone
3. Install Spotify again from the AppStore 


Once you've done that, just be sure you're logging in with your 'gizmoleejoe' username and not your email. 

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