Cant open Album on iPhone XS


Cant open Album on iPhone XS


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Using my iPhone XS I have the problem that while trying to open an album I sometimes receive the notification that something went wrong and I have to try later (see the attached screenshot). The strange thins about that is, that this notification appears only for some albums, not for all. Following examples to reproduce this issue:
1. I search for an artist. For example Douglas Preston. It appears the page of the artist and i can open and listen to the first five songs. Trying to open the album "Obsidian - Kammer des Bösen" or "Demon - Sumpf der Toten" I receive the notification. Opening the album "Headhunt - Feldzug der Rache" it works appropriate.
2. For the artist Jens Henrik Jensen each of his three albums doenst work.
3. For the artist Volker Kutcher dont not work for example "Der nasse Fisch - (Vorlage zur TV Serie Babylon Berlin)", "Lunapark (ungekürzte Lesung)" and "Märzgefallene (ungekürzte Lesung)" while for example the album "Die Akte Vaterland - Gereon Raths vierter Fall" is working.


Each of the albums I mentioned above works on my Desktop App using my Laptop with Windows 10.


Of course I tried all of the standard recomendations like unistall spotify an install again, restart app, restart phone, clear cache, delete all devices and so on.


Could please someone help me?







iPhone XS

Operating System

iOS Version 12.1.4

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Re: Cant open Album on iPhone XS



I got a similar problem with my iphone 7 (iOS: 12.1.4; spotify version

Additionally I have some albums that are already downloaded and I have already played some songs- can play the songs from the Mac-App but the app in my Iphone shows the same erros.

If I start playing the album on my Mac and I transfer the play to the Iphone (message appears if app opened on mac and iphone at the same time) the song is played but cannot open the album.