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CarPlay playlists not sorted by recently added

CarPlay playlists not sorted by recently added

Driving a 2016 VW Golf S. I have my starred playlist on my phone/computer that sort by recently added. However, when I access this playlist in CarPlay via the interface, it has the playlist sorted by oldest first. So I have to scroll all the way down to see my recently added. I often like playing my most recently added stuff but in the car it's not possible to start from most recently added then play into the past additions. 

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This happens to me too. 2017 Hyundai Sonata.

Yes, exactly that! Plus, I'd need to sort by offline available music. Because none of that works so far, I deactivated CarPlay for now... =/ 

This is the most stupid missing thing ever. The need for sorting in playlists (newest added first) was screamed at spotify for months/years before getting implemented. And now it comes as a surprise, that the need still stands when using CarPlay ? - I'm sorry, but how can this even be an issue. It blows my mind, that this simple thing is not implemented yet.


Who is in charge? - get coding, get it fixed. 



I'm driving an AUDI A4 (2016) with carplay and everything worked fine since the last app update on ios. I'm using iPhone 6s (ios 10.2.1, same issue on ios10.2) and spotify app version


I never had the problem that the playlist "Songs" wasn't sorted as on the iphon, but now the sorting is vrey confuesd and isn't always the same. After an completely app-restart, the order of the songs was diffrent to before!!!!


This is really not good! The songs in carplay must be listed as on the iphone!!!!



I'm driving an AUDI A4 (2016) with carplay and everything worked fine since the update to I'm using iPhone 6s (ios 10.2.1). After yesterdays update to, the sorting of my songs is ok, but when I choose a title from the list any other title is played. The current played song is displayed correct.

In other playlists it works fine.


I hope you can improve there very fast! It is horrible!



The same here, please do something about it!

My playlists are sorted on Carplay in an inconsistent order than is on all my devices. Very frustrating. Did the sort ever work on Carplay?

Yes, i had this problem just on this specific spotify version. After the next update it was working correctly, as before the update.

So is it fixed for you in the latest update? I'm still experiencing it. Although saying that - I can't sort my songs or reorder them in the app at the moment (my wife can't either) - must be a bug.

Still no update? I have a playlist with 200 songs, and often I like to listen to the most recently added to the playlist. You have to scroll forever to get to it, which is not the safest thing to be doing. Would be great if the sort could match the device?

Same Problem. VW Golf 2016 Model... no fix yet... Will this fixed soon?

Yes same problem for me, this is so frustrating.  I have a MY2017 Audi and I have a general Spotify playlist containing several hundred tracks.  Anything new I add to it is added to the bottom of the playlist.  


On my computer and phone the playlist is sorted by recently added, but when playing through Car Play it shows the oldest items first.  Scrolling to the bottom is not really feasible.


This is my biggest gripe with Spotify on Car Play.  There doesn't appear to be any option when playing via Car Play to sort by recently added.  My understanding was that Car Play is simply an in-car a view of the phone, but for some reason the playlist is sorted differently. 


I hope this is fixed soon.


iOS 10.2.1 / Spotify 8.4.11.  

Is there any way to find out if this is on a backlog somewhere? As this is the type of thing that's tempting me to Apple Music. That and Siri integration, but I appreciate that's out of Spotify's hands.

Is there still no update on this? Seems like such a simple change that will provide a real boost in the user experience.

I take my threats back! I went to sign up to Apple Music, but realised there was no way to reorder playlist songs by recently added on an iOS device anyway! :')

Same. In my VW Polo. I’m on an iPhone 8 with the latest update (feb 2018). It’s really annoying. Please fix!!!

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