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Carplay: Podcast does not resume playing after Maps directions

Carplay: Podcast does not resume playing after Maps directions

Plan: Premium

Country: USA

Device: iPhone X iOS 14

Car: 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport

1. Start navigation using Apple Maps via Siri voice command

2. Start podcast JRE via Carplay touch screen

3. Apple Maps interrupts to give next set of directions

4. Podcast should resume playing, it does not


The Apple Podcasts app will resume playing the podcast after Siri is done giving directions. This is a huge regression in UX since listening to the JRE via the Podcasts app please fix this bug!

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I agree, I see this not only as a significant frustration... but more importantly a LEGITIMATE safety issue. I drive for work, and often find myself turning the podcast on multiple times every min/hour. It increases the amount of distraction for the driver... therefore increasing the likelihood of potential accidents.

I understand listening to a podcast while driving is a luxury, however if the intention is to create technology that works seamlessly and safely... the issue should be addressed.

Thank you!

afinuf12 Casual Listener a week ago
1. Go to phone settings
2. Go to maps

Thanks - doesn't work for Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze....

It’s now February 2020. The moderator said this was being worked on, but six months later it is still the reason I will not become a paying customer. 

There is no such setting in iOS. This does not compute

It is now January 2022 and this is still an issue. 

October 2022, still an issue. 

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