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[Carplay] Sorting Options for Album List and other Lists

[Carplay] Sorting Options for Album List and other Lists


Currently it's not possible to decide how Albums (and other lists) are sorted in Spotify's Carplay App. This is not convenient, because especially for Albums the users usually do not know the Album's title but rather the Artist's title. It would be much better to sort by Artist.



This request was posted multiple times in many variations and keeps popping up over the years. It has reached the required 50 kudos by far, when summing up all the duplicates:


It is also widely discussed outside of the community forum:



How to fix:

Let user decide to sort lists (e.g. albums) by

- Title

- Artist

- Recently Added




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I have a playlist for random songs I like, on phone this is sorted by recently added, as I want to hear the most recently liked music more.


As carplay (and Apple Watch app) just act as a remote to the music on the phone, surely its simply sort playlists as per the phone. Would not make navigating carplay more cumbersome.

Dicedan - I do the same thing with my Spotify playlist...sort by most recent, since I want to listen to the most recent music added more than my older tracks. Question...does your carplay keep this sorting or does it automaitcally show oldest song first? For some reason, my carplay is not sorting based on how I have it set up in the Spotify app on my iphone. Are you having the same issue?

No, it just sorts by the default order, which is most recent songs added to the end of the list. I just start it on my phone and it will play as i have if sorted on the phone.

Makes sense. Thanks for the response.

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