Certain songs don’t play

Certain songs don’t play

I originally imported some playlists from apple music onto spotify, and after deleting them to redownload the songs again they automatically skip. I’ve tried unsaving and saving the songs and I always play them with internet yet they still skip. Every other song that I download works fine, it just seems to be a select amount that I imported. Please help.


i’m using a premium account on my iphone 6, I also have a macbook if that helps.

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Hey @Betty_Spaghetti, thanks for writing!


Just to confirm, have you tried checking if the songs in question are available in Spotify's catalog? In case that's correct, it'd be great if you could review the albums they're located in and see if there are any missing songs from there as well.


If this doesn't work, could you try adding them to a playlist? Once you've done that, check if you're able to stream them properly from there. As an extra step, it wouldn't hurt to try all these steps on any other devices you might use (apart from your iPhone and your Macbook).


Let us know how you get on.

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