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Collection/Your Music gone - post here


Collection/Your Music gone - post here

It seems that folk are having issues with Collection across devices. Either it has disappeared completely or "Albums" is missing. This has been escalated to the staff. Please keep an eye on this thread for news.

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My collection tab is also gone, I don't have any songs left that are not from Playlists I followed personally. I had hundreds... heck probably thousands of songs saved onto spotify, and none are there anymore. Usually on the Collection tab it would say something like: Songs, Artists, Albums, Library, Starred. All it has now is Starred, which only had one song in it this morning. Last night everything was fine, I was listening to my music, went to bed, and tried to listen to some music, I have nothing now. I really hope I don't have to find ALL my songs again.

Same issue and for $9.99/mo fee, the least 4expected is a reply foot Spotify. Canceling my subscription is under consideration.

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Good news everyone!


Log out and log back into the iOS app and collection should be back.

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I just downloaded this to my android (GS3) and it still doesn't have the Your Music tab. That's the sole reason I downloaded the app. My boyfriend's app still features this. I've tried logging out and back in. I've deleted the app and re downloaded it. I've made sure my app was updated as well as my phone.... what gives?

This sounds like an issue I'm having as well. This is very unfortunate as this started happening to me just a day or two ago.



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Hello, my albums and songs in your music on my iphone have disappeared (version! My artist list is there still but it shows 0 songs for all the artists. Extremely frustrating. In the process, it seems all the albums in my music that I marked available offline have been removed from my phone so I'll have to spend hours re-syncing at some point. 

The Your Music section on my Mac desktop App is still intact (for now) thankfully!


iOS iPad - where is the my music tab? I have saved all my favourite music here from PC or Android but can't enjoy it from my iPad. I love Spotify and have two paid premium subscriptions but I hate that the GUI's are different across all three devices I use to access my accounts. It's really bad planning and a little shortsighted I think. I'm paying almost $26 dollars a month for two subscriptions and feel that I am not getting my value for money now. It would be so awesome to have all platforms the same, can't be that hard, after all the sheer amount of revenue from paid accounts must be insane.

Hey @SameLuke , the official ipad missing Your Music thread appears to be over here.


I'm going to lock this old thread which concerned problems at the end of last year to avoid confusion.

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