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Connect Ipod Touch 4G to Mercedes

Connect Ipod Touch 4G to Mercedes


I have a mercedes (2010) with an extra option to conect Iphone or Ipod.

I tried first with a friends ipod 4g on which I logged on with my spotify premium user: it worked fine.

I then purchased the same ipod touch 4g download the spotify app, syncked the lists....and it didn't work!

Message was: no files recognized.


Any idea?



3 Replies

Hi, I final round out what wad wrong and thought it might help someone: I had no music files (mp3). As soon as I had one, the decide was accepted and i could play spotify. I woner what kind of files the spotify sones are....

Sorry for the very strange spelling above...


I was trying to say...


If you happen, like it was my case, not to be able to play Spotify through your Ipod on the car stereo, check if you have a MP3 file on the device. I had none. As soon as I downloaded just one MP3 file, the Ipod Touch was "recognized" by the car stereo and spotify could be played through the cars speakers.


Once again, sorry for the funny spelling above.....



Same problem here. I put a couple of mp3's in the ipod and it works. Buuuuut, the media center from mercedes only gives me the posibility to navigate the songs in mp3 AKA iTunes songs. Not the spotify songs or playlists.


Anybody got it to work properly?



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