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Connect wont connect to the speaker since today

Connect wont connect to the speaker since today

Since today I have the issue that Spotify Connect is not able to connect to my Libratone speakes via Connect. Airplay works fine. Also on my Windows Laptop and iMAC I am not able to connect to the speaker via Spotify Connect. I changed nothing in my network and yesterday everything worked as it should be.

I tried to logout and login again no change - I see the speakers in the list but when I choose one to connect nothing happens.

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Me too, additional info: I have every device restartet or disconnected from power for a few seconds, but this does not help.

I have the same problem with BOSE Soundtouch.

Hello !

Seems that Spotify Connect works now again as it should be.

Try to switch off and on the speakers, than use the libratone-App on your handy and last start Spotyfy again, that works often for me...! Good luck and have fun!

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