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Connecting Iphone 5s to Pioneer VSX-43 Receiver

Connecting Iphone 5s to Pioneer VSX-43 Receiver

IOS 7.1  I can get to a menu on my TV of Playlists, Artists, Albums etc but I cannot control beyond that.  I just recently rebooted the Spotify App on my Iphone.  I have Spotify Premium. 


TV is a Samsung Smart TV.  I cannot make the Spotify Ap work on the TV either. 


Spotify connected to my car stereo works fine with my Iphone as controller.


Technies please help.  I am a technozero.

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How are the receiver and TV connected to the internet? Can you check your router settings to make sure the firewall is disabled and UPnP is enabled? Whaich country are you in?

USA  Connect to internet via Verizon FIOS.  Checked with Verizon and firewall allows Spotify, and UPnP is enabled in the router.  What I hear when I plug my Iphone 5s into the Ipod/Iphone/Ipad port on the front of my VSX-43 Pioneer receiver is a pulsating 3 beat noise disturbance.

Spotify community, I cobbled together the solution myself, and I post it because it may apply to other users/receivers/home entertainment systems. 

1.  Make sure you have Spotify Premium and the current version.  You will be looking for the Connect icon on your Iphone/Ipad when you get to the end of this process.

2.  Ensure that your receiver has the required interface software.  In my case, a 2013-purchased receiver, I had to download firmware from PIoneer onto a blank memory stick, then install it vial the UBS connection in front (where the Iphone/Ipad plugs in).  This was the key missing link.

3.  Spotify playlists can now be controlled on the TV via the Pioneer remote, or via my IPhone.  There is a graphic on the TV that accompanies each song---very cool!

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