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Constant Skipping and backtracking as well as voice control access

Constant Skipping and backtracking as well as voice control access

I have a Premium plan and my app has been going crazy lately. I have an iPhone X running on iOS 12.0.1. I’ve seen similar posts and tried changing headphones, reinstalling the app and restarting my device and NOTHING has worked. This makes it impossible to move while listening to Spotify.


Please help. If you don’t have an answer to this please let me know. I would prefer not to pay another month for a service I can’t use.


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Hey @sarahliriano93.


Thanks for reaching out to us - we'll be more than happy to help 🙂


First, could you describe your problem in a bit more detail? 

  • Does the skipping/backtracking have any pattern?
  • Does it happen with specific songs/playlists?
  • You mentioned voice control access - what is happening there?

Also, have you tried playing from another device to see if the problem persists? If not, then we recommed you try that so we can establish if there's an issue with the device itself. 


Keep us posted! We'll be here if you need any further help 🙂

The skipping is completely random.

It happens with any song or playlist, only while moving my phone.

It accesses the voice control on my phone when I'm listening to the app. Doesn't happen when I have the headphones in and using any other apps, just Spotify.


I've used the app on my computer and everything is fine. I don't have any other phones to try it on at the moment but I seem to have found the issue. The problem seemed to be the adapter that was between my headphones and the thunderbolt port of my phone. I found new apple headphones that didn't require them and the issue hasn't persisted since then.


However if these headphones fry, as Apple ones tend to do after a while, and I need to use the adapter again I'm cancelling my premium account until I can afford a new Android phone that doesn't come with this (and other) bull-c, as this issue makes it impossible to use the app on this phone with headphones while using the adapter, which means you can't use any headphones not made by Apple.


Hey @sarahliriano93.


Thanks for getting back to us.


Good to hear that at least the supplied headphones work. Perhaps your adapter is faulty which causes certain signals to be sent to your phone. It might be worth checking out, especially if you phone is still under warranty.


Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

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