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Continuous Issues Streaming from iphone to Airplay

Continuous Issues Streaming from iphone to Airplay

I'm having continuous issues streaming Spotify from my iphone to airplay in my house.  The song will start, but then within 30 seconds it cuts out. In order to get the music playing again, I have to click on 'play' or skip to the next song.  The connection is not an issue, as I can quickly switch to Pandora or itunes and not have a problem streaming from there.  This only happens on airplay.  When I stream spotify to a bose speaker via bluetooth, I do not have a problem.  However, I have my airplay connected to my surround system and would like to stream spotify to that.  I tried the suggestion from a previous post to 'turn off bluetooth' when streaming to airplay.  That did NOT work for me, unfortuntely.  Is there anything else I can try?  It seems to be an issue with spotify and airplay.  Thank you for any help with this one!

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