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[Daily Mix] Why did 4 of my Daily Mixes disappeared?


[Daily Mix] Why did 4 of my Daily Mixes disappeared?


When I first saw the Daily Mix feature, I had 6 Mixes. Except for one, all of them were representative of different styles of music that I usually listen to, so I loved them all and planned to listen to them all. I was very happy with what the feature was showing me. 


But 3 or 4 days ago, I started seeing only 2 daily mixes. And they weren't even my top 2 most listened. Four of them just disappeared and never appeared again. 


Is this normal? Is there something I can do to restore my previous Daily Mixes? 




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Daily mix has just failed miserably imho. I listen to a really diverse range of genres, and when I had 4 mixes to choose from that wasn't enough. But now it's gone down to one. It's a pointless useless feature.

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Yeah, resolved my **bleep**. 


This site is a joke. You have a problem, you want some help or support, but you end up tossed here, in a "Community". Hah! Community! 


If I wanted to chit-chat with people about music or Spotify, I have plenty of channels to do it. Here, I wanted to speak TO SPOTIFY. About A PROBLEM. Seeking AN ANSWER. Instead, I got patted on the back by Spotify, who basically acts like "well, talk to each other and see if you can figure out your solution among yourselves, because we sure as **bleep** don't care". 


You know what's funnier? I'm not even a Spotify user anymore. 


I created this thread a YEAR ago. This could have been resolved and I could have been left satisfied as a user with a simple response or acknowledgement. Instead, here's what happened: 


  • No official answer or solution.
  • I don't even care about the issue anymore.
  • The problem persists for other users, who find this thread and then leave seeing it's not asnwered. 
  • I stopped using Spotify almost entirely, migrating to Apple Music.
  • I still get reminded periodically about this issue, every time someone posts a new reply or Likes my original post.
  • I get progressively more disappointed with Spotify as a brand every time this happens, because I see that Spotify doesn't care about giving their users an answer or a solution. 

So yeah. 


Pretty bad.

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Yeah, I switched to Apple Music a while back. At first I missed my sizeable "My Songs" library (not in a million years I would manually add everything again), but just this week an app called SongShift (for transferring playlists between streaming services) went into version 3.0 with a great addition: where previously you could only transfer songs in batches of 50, now you can transfer a whole playlist of any size in one tap. 


This was the final nail in Spotify's coffin for me, at least for now. All my songs are now on Apple Music and I've been loving it so far. 

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This is a result of Spotify's algorythm frequently analyzing your listening habits. The Daily mix feature gives you 1-6 mixes based on the diversity of what you have been listening to recently. So if you when you listen to more genres and varieties, you will get more mixes. I hope this helps!


All the best,




That's what I thought, but for example: I WAS listening to a lot of punk, precisely because I was generated a punk-style Daily Mix. Now that daily mix is not there anymore. That doesn't make a lot of sense. 


Even more: it doesn't make sense to take daily mixes away from users. If I had it once, it should be there when I feel like listening to it. I didn't even get a chance to listen to one of my previous mixes because it disappeared while I was enjoying the others. 


If Spotify would like to limit the maximum number of mixes to 6, it's okay. If they want to change one mix for another when the algorithm thinks I'm not listening to one of mine and want to change for a better one, it's ok. But simply taking 4 mixes and replacing them with 4 nothings... not ok.

Same here...started with 6 mixes, now I have only one...but I listen to different genres.

I've got the exact same problem. I had 4 mixes, but now I've only got 1. I was listening to all of them pretty consistenly, and my listening habits hadn't really changed from when I got them.

Sucks right? I wonder if we are going to get any sort of official response as to whether this is a bug or intended behavior, and if we can get those mixes back. One of my lost ones was pretty killer... 😞

Yeah I'm not buying the algorithm story. I just had 2 out of the 6 I had disappear, including the one mix that was more of a general indie rock mix that I listened to daily and actually reflected my general music tastes. The remaining mixes are more specific branches (post-classical, hip-hop, post-punk, dark indie electronic pop).

Im seriously pissed. Is the idea that they don't want me to listen to my main strain of music? I thought that was exactly what this feature was made for... and definitely how I used it. That single mix was my go-to for listening. And... poof, gone.

Same here..lost my favorite mix this week. I was in the middle of playing it too! My third mix, which I have listened to significantly less than the second mix (the one which dissappeared) or first mix, still remains. Doesn't really add up.. I hope it will come back, I've been loving this feature from Spotify, it would be a shame to lose 1/3 of its content. I do have some annecdotal evidence that mixes may come back as a friend of mine lost and then regained some of her mixes. Let's hope we can be so lucky.

So no one from Spotify answers on these threads? 

Ditto, had 6 and now dropped to 2?!


This is a brilliant feature and seemed to be a clever alternative to user created stations. But its value comes from its depth ... knowing my numerous musical interests and creating niche stations / lists for me.


Come on Spotify, your got some fans here hanging out for an update.

Just to update... I opened up my mobile app and browsed to Daily Mixes a few days ago.  My missing playlists had been added back!  My favorite go-to mix was back with the same flavor and reference artists.


Daily Mixes is now (finally) showing up on the desktop app, too.


Hopefully this was just some glitch as they work to build the service and my mixes won't be taken away again.

To be honest, at this point I'm more disappointed that no official response
has been given by Spotify to our concerns than by anything related to the
original problem...

So I have a Daily Mix that I listen to everyday that today has just randomly disappeared and I have one that I never listen to because I like hardly any of the artists and that never leaves.

How frustrating Spotify!

This is the first time I've been annoyed enough to post to the spotify forums.  I had 3 daily mixes, and then 2 of them dissapeared, including the one I listened to most.  I had listened to the mix for a few hours several times the week it dissapeared.  What happened?  You should be able to favorite a mix or something.  Or even better, you decide when a mix has worn out it's welcome and then do a 'reshuffle' on the unfavorited playlists to see if spotify has come up with anything new.    


It's bizzare that spotify took away a playlist I was actively using and didn't replace it with anything.

Totally agree with all comments above.  Why tempt users with 6 Daily Mixes to only drop it down to 1.  Seems irrational. And annoying!!!

my daily mixes are gone too. I have only 2 daily mixes now. It's so frustrating and Spotify doesn't respond at all. 

I also just lost a couple of my daily mixes including the one I had been listening to the most. I just listened to it for a couple hours yesterday and now it is gone. I'm down to 3 mixes from the 5 I had yesterday and the three I have now are very similar with much less variety. Frustrating. We need a way to save or pin the ones we like. Some type of control. These algorithmic features are awesome, but Spotify is my music library and I need to feel some level of control and ownership also.

I just went from six to three!  What the heck?

I hate this also, and that spotify doesnt respond to this thread. My only solution is when you have mixs save them as playlists incase they disapear. 

Now it happened to me, too. My favorite daily mix went missing. Down from 3 to 2... darn it, Spotify! Could we please have an answer to this? Or our at least have our mixes back... 

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