Daily Mix changes mid playthrough


Daily Mix changes mid playthrough







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I play a Daily Mix on my way to work around 5am EST. At about 8 am EST every day, the mix switches numbers. What I mean is the genre that was in Daily Mix 1 (for example Metal) and the genre in Daily Mix 2 (e.g. Hip-Hop) when I opened the app change Daily Mix Numbers. Metal goes from 1 -> 2 and Hip-Hop goes from 2 -> 1. That's not that big a deal, but the fact that what I'm listening to changes from Metal to Hip-Hop without notice is a bit off-putting and distracting since listening to the music I chose that morning helps me vibe through my day.


I notice that 8 am EST seems to be the time that all the official Spotify Playlists are updated. Maybe this has something to do with why it happens at 8? Is there a way to make it not interrupt my daily listening? Could it at least not switch genres one me?

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Hello @WAlrus_Rising

Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!

Daily Mixes update everyday at the same time, so that's why they might change while you're listening to music. 


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I hope you'll find this useful! 

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