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I didnt really notice a lot of usage until i left my Unlimited data plan with AT&T. I have 20GB shared plan now with 4 iPhones and 1 iPad. But i noticed today that after a 3hr car ride to and from vacation that my data usage went really HIGH.....My wifes iphone 4 (not LTE) used 20MB a minute while listening to spotify....This came out to be over 3GB in just hours....Thats CRAZY....I cannot seem to figure out why.....Al the settings are set to normal 96kbps which if the math is done right. At 96kbps would be 42MB a hour at that bitrate....Even at 320kbps it would only be 140MB in an hour.....NO where near 1GB.......I will be canceling just for this reason alone....


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This is the message I sent customer service about 15 min ago,


  I am an avid Spotify user, I use Spotify at least once a day. Between Jan1 and Jan3 I was surprised to find that my data usage had spiked a MASSIVE 7.06GB. That's in a matter of 3 days. I am part of a business plan that cannot go over 10GB I reached that by myself while the other 4 people combined didn't achieve even 1GB. None of them use Spotify. My account was charged an overage fee and our maximum data usage for the month of January is GONE. I've seen on other forums and sites that I am not the only person who experienced this. I will be contacting Verizon to let them know what happened, if something isn't done about this you can bet I will be canceling my subscription and all my future recommendations will now become warnings not to use this application. I severely hope I am contacted back about this situation because in my opinion your feedback system isn't very efficient. It took me 15min just to find this page so I could "submit a recommendation". Not cool. I will continue to look for other ways to contact you about this situation. Thank you.


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TrevorBradley your ignorance is neigh. You must understand that Spotify is a STREAMING service? If thats too much to ask then I'd advise you not to bother using Spotify every again. Please re search things before flaming things up in the forum. Not Spotify's fault AT ALL, this is your own doing.

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Just FYI due to continuing reports of Spotify on iOS using an excessive amount of data (more than normal for streaming even at extreme quality), I have opened it as a bug with the Spotify team. If you could all add your details to this bugs topic


So we can keep reports going to the same place, I am going to lock this topic for the time being. Thanks guys! 

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