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Delete iphone music playlist

Delete iphone music playlist


I have Spotify Premium subscription.
On my iPhone, when I look for in a music playlist, turning the filter.
I can not delete songs as in previous versions of Spotify.
Before sliding it into the song left.
Why not add an option to delete a song from the context menu of each song?
This option has Spotify to your computer, but not Spotify for iPhone.
It is impossible to delete a song on my iPhone when I search with the filter enabled.
When they could add this option?

3 Replies

Hello @Manu244, welcome to the community!


If you click the


Make sure to click that and it should delete from the playlist 🙂 Currently if you are searching from within a playlist with the filter feature, you can not slide to delete a track. You can however do that with the "My Music" filter, you click the ... next to the song and click "remove". 

Hope this helped 🙂

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Whats a Spotify Rock Star?

Thanks for responding.
What you offer me your answer is not enough for me.
I would like that becomes available the option to swipe to delete songs from a playlist.
I also want to be able to delete a song. When I use the filter in a playlist.
To locate the song and delete it quickly
Or the option from the context menu of the song to delete a song in a playlist. This option is run on Spotify for Windows.
It is difficult for me to delete a specific song in a playlist with 3000 songs.

I completely agree with Manu.
FML Spotify !!! For sure the programmers and managers on Spotify are so perfect, never regret or does mistakes.
Tester engineers wake up!

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