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Deleting songs from a huge playlist

Deleting songs from a huge playlist

  • I have 300+ songs.  How do I find the one song I want to delete from my playlist?  I don’t want to scroll through 300 songs to find the one. My playlist will only get bigger over time.  I want to search through a filter and delete the Song.  Also, how do I delete the current song I’m using. Like what the **bleep**?  I’m beyond frustrated and **bleep** off.  This should be basic. I see all these people saying click on the three dots on the top right. NO!  I want to be able to “search” the song title and delete it. 
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Hello @Tindris,


You currently can't do that on iOS, but you can do that on Mac or any computer (i'm not that sure, might have to check). You can search though the "filter" bar and then click the three dots next to the song and press or click "remove from this playlist".


I hope that was what you are looking for. Have a good day.

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