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Different playlists and sings on mac and iphone

Different playlists and sings on mac and iphone

If I change my personal playlists on my mac they wont sync with my iphone! two days ago i changed an entire playlist and on my iPhone it is still the same as before. I have tried restarting my iphone, logging in and out, syncing it from my mac and reinstalling spotify on mac and iPhone. I'm getting tierd of listening to the same songs on my iPhone.. HELP ME 🙂

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Strange, do you log in with a Spotify username or with Facebook?

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I created a new playlist on my Mac but i can't seem to get it sync into my iPhone ! 

I tried logging out and then log in again but it didn't work. 

Is there any way to get it sync ? I'm travelling tomorrow and i need this playlist 😞


I have had this issue too. I also upgraded to premium on my iPhone and It is still giving me the free version on my iMac. I tried loving out and back in then deleting spotifuggle on my laptop and re downloading it and nothing worked. Very frustrating.

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