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iPhone 5

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(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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 I signed up for premium a couple weeks ago and can't put songs on my do not play list anymore. Can this not be done on premium? I can't even find the do not play list now. 

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Hey @MikeJesus! This seems to be a problem with the 'do not play list' with you.

Since you have an older iOS software, this might not appear. Have you ever tried restarting Spotify? If you did, it should work. If it does not, let me know.

Happy Holidays!


I signed out of my premium account and went into a basic account where the do not play function works fine. Signing back into my premium account, that option just doesn't appear. 

Hey @MikeJesus, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

Currently only the free tier does have that feature. Once you upgrade to Premium you don't have access to that list.

However, if you would like, you can submit your idea about changing this in Idea Submissions board or support it if this idea has been already submitted.


Thanks! 🙂

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